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Delight in the Wines & Absorb the Heritage & Wonders of SPAIN

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The following is a general scheduled that is designed to encompass most of the activities that are being offered. Please keep in mind that we might make slight changes to support your experiences and overall satisfaction.

Dr. Joe will be with us for most of the retreat. His sessions on the benefits of red wine and associated topics will take place during the four days when we are at Le Domaine hotel in the Ribera del Duero region. Most of you know that Dr. Joe and his team have experimented and researched the various benefits of red wine. The results of the research has been astounding. He will present their findings and go way beyond the data to bring forth the mystical and spiritual aspects of this ancient beverage.

When you arrive on September 17, a shuttle bus will take you from Bilbao airport  to Hotel Los Agustinos. This journey will take about 1 1/2 hours. This ancient convent, now serving as a hotel, will be your home for three nights. We will have our first gathering at 6 pm which will include our opening ceremony and our first dinner together.

Exploring Haro – the Wine Capital of La Rioja

La Rioja, Spain’s most special wine region has over 500 wineries and  at its heart is its wine capital, Haro, the charming small town which is home to some of the biggest names in Rioja’s wines. Haro itself is an open air museum, and you can see bronze and stone statues depicting traditional trades at almost every corner. Even as you enter the town, contemporary sculptures relating to wine are seen at every roundabout.

The town of Haro has been built up around wine growing since French grape growers came to the area looking for a way to escape the pests in their French vineyards. Thanks to its privileged climate at the meeting point between the Atlantic and Mediterranean climates with much sunshine, and sheltered by the Cantabrian Mountains, Haro is a great area for winemaking. The clacerous clay soils are also perfect for wine growing. Located in the Ebro river basin and sided by the Obarenes mountains, and the Cantabrian mountains, the landscape of vineyards around Haro has it’s own charm.

Upon the completion of your visit, we’ll take you to Laguardia, an enchanting small town where you can find interesting places for a special lunch on your own. We’ll connect with you in the afternoon and take you to a phenomenal winery. After your visit there, we’re off to Logroño, a delightful town with a unique street…more below.

Exploring Logroño

Logroño is the capital city of La Rioja, the smallest of Spain’s seventeen autonomous communities. The city is in the north of Spain, bordering the Basque Country, and sits on the shoreline of the second longest river in Spain, the Rio Ebro. Logroño is a stately wine country town with a heart of tree-studded squares, narrow streets and hidden corners. It is known for many things including the elaboration of wine, the tapa culture, and being a stopover on the famous pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago.

The number one thing to do is visit Calle del Laurel. A windy street in the old part of the city, Calle del Laurel is chock-a-block with one tapas bar after the other. Logroño, and in general La Rioja, is one of the Spanish places with the best reputation regarding its gastronomy. To savor those Riojan delicacies, you do not have to sit down in one of its magnificent restaurants, just  taste some of the tapas, in one of the many tapas bars.


Ribera del Duero Region

On September 20, we will travel from Haro to a delightful area along the Duero river near San Bernardo, which will take about 2 1/2 hours. On our way, we will have lunch and visit  Pago de Carraovejas winery and restaurant. Pago de Carraovejas was just a dream in the early 70’s… a dream of his owner José María Ruiz, a young segovian full of energy and curiosity, who managed step by step to turn it into reality creating this huge project in Ribera del Duero which is linked to the Ruiz Aragoneses family. The winery uses a unique process which combines working with gravity, using their own yeast and bacteria from the terroir and the delicate aging process of the wood.

After our visit to the winery we’ll conclude our day’s journey when we arrive at Le Domaine , a five star hotel that has won numerous awards for its ambiance, architecture and service. For more details of this establishment, click on: accommodations.

You will be here for four days. During this time, Dr. Joe will offer his sessions and ceremonies based on the benefits and celebrations of red wine. While at this amazing hotel/monastery, you can also look forward to: fascinating surroundings, amazing cuisine, a splendid spa, a complete work-out gym, yoga sessions, and additional options.

On the 24th, we are off to Madrid…hurray, what a splendid city! This is about a 3 hour drive and we will end up in a historic part of the city.   Your accommodations will be the famous Palacio de los Duques  Hotel which is known for its gorgeous decor, amazing food and splendid location. Also in Madrid, we will take you to a dinner and a flamenco show. As Manuel Rios Ruiz says, “…not attending a flamenco performance is unthinkable because it is the showcase of quintessential art”.

On the 25th you will have the day to explore the nearby Royal Palace, the Opera House and other historical wonders of your choice. This evening we will have our closing dinner together to wrap up this memorable journey and then you may prepare for your flight back from the Madrid airport on the 26th.


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