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SPANISH ESCAPADE… Accommodations & Cost

Delight in the Wines & Absorb the Heritage & Wonders of SPAIN

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Accommodations & Cost

The cost for this retreat is $5,600 per person, double occupancy. This price includes:

  • All sessions/presentations by Dr. Joe
  • Pick up from Bilbao airport to Hotel Los Agustinos and drop-off from Hotel Palacio de los Duques to Madrid airport within stated times. See Getting There for more info…
  • All internal transportation
  • All breakfasts, two lunches and four dinners
  • Entrance to Vivanco wine-museum and winery
  • Entrance, tour and tastings at two other wineries in the Rioja region
  • Morning Yoga sessions while at Le Domaine
  • Entrance to Flamenco show in Madrid
  • All accommodations…see below

We have selected three pristine venues that capture the essence and beauty of Spain’s heritage…


Los Agustinos

More than six hundred years ago this ancient convent of San Agustín with its wide stone walls,  stood in its pristine setting in what is now the city of Haro. It has been exquisitely restored, and is presently a modern hotel, that brings splendid memories of the past.

The district of Haro is located between the Sierra de la demanda and the Sierra de Toloño. Bathed by the Ebro River and its tributary, the Oja Tirón River, from which the name of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja comes. The traditional date of the founding of the Villa de Haro is around the eleventh century.

Hotel Los Agustinos- Convento

History tells of a story of the King of Castile, Fernando IV, who granted a privilege to the so-called “hermits of San Agustín” that allowed these religious sects to found convents in the kingdoms of Castile, Leon and Portugal without the need of license from diocesan or others .

The convent of San Agustín was promoted by Don Diego López de Haro. This convent enjoyed a great predilection on the part of harenses (residents of Haro), even taking San Agustín as a lawyer against foes.


In 1811 the convent served as a military hospital, and after the war in 1813, it was returned to the Augustinians. In 1834, the convent passed into the hands of the State. In the year 1838, its bells were seized by the Government, demolishing them and driving them to Santander to melt them.

In March 1839, it was ceded by the Royal Order (council of the Academy of Fine Arts) to the municipality of Haro. Then it was a house of charity,  and even a jail. The columns that support its important cloister still preserve inscriptions made by the prisoners who passed through their cells; cells that today have been demolished leaving the cloister in its original state.

In 1941 the City Council agreed to the construction of the “Bretón de los Herreros” theater, a work directed by the architect Martín de Saracíbar, in the place occupied by the convent church, which was inaugurated a year later.

In 1989 the convent gave way to the Hotel Los Agustinos, recently renovated in its entirety. The upper area of ​​the convent, formerly used by the friars as bedrooms, has been converted into spacious and comfortable rooms equipped with the latest equipment.

The Cloister of the old convent of San Agustín, with seven centuries of history, today picks up some modern facilities and equipment, where celebrating any event becomes an exceptional privilege. Considered the most important work of the Hotel, the Cloister has been covered with a large special glass vault, which filters the entrance of the solar rays and isolates the space from the inclemency of the weather, conserving the building its traditional aspect and opening a range of possibilities of use in special events.

The location, the architecture, the decoration, the spaciousness of the space, the quality of its services and the complementary equipment offered by the Cloister, make its more than 800 m2 the ideal place for all types of gatherings.

  • Los Agustinos...a Restored Convent
  • Colorful Neighbors
  • Enchanting Double Room
  • Comfortable Space
  • Delightful Dining Atmosphere
  • Exquisite Courtyard
  • Welcoming Rooms
  • Captivating Atmosphere
  • Wine Bar
  • Restful Luxury

Welcome to Hotel Abadia Retuerta Le Domaine



The Estate Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine is set like a jewel among the string of exclusive wine estates found along the Duero river. If the heart of the estate is the winery, its soul is the ancient 12th-century abbey, a beloved and carefully restored Spanish cultural heritage site.

The luxury hotel that has now emerged from within the cloistered Romanesque-Baroque monastery walls is a refined 5-star setting where you will enjoy the privacy of the privileged, the lap of luxury and the heart of the history. Moreover, you will have the opportunity of enjoying your dinner at Refectorio, a 1 Michelin Star restaurant.

PLEASE NOTE: For this portion of your stay, most of the rooms at this fabulous hotel have queen-size beds, so you will be sharing the bed with someone.

Everywhere the contrasts and pleasures of old and new will provide you with the best of both.

In Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine Hotel you can enjoy a singular culinary offer created by Marc Segarra, who has trained in some of the finest international restaurants, and bases his gastronomic creations on the inclusion of a creative twist to tradition and the use of locally-grown ingredients.

Also, on three of the mornings, you are welcome to join us for a yoga session in the intentionally focused yoga center.

Another special treat that is available to you is the SPA.

  • L'Domaine Welcomes You
  • Welcome to Spanish Heaven
  • Twelfth Century Monastery
  • View from Above
  • Surrounded by Vineyards
  • Exquisite Dining Space
  • Splendid Banquet Hall
  • Dining Amongst Ancient Wonders
  • Outdoor Buffet
  • Regional Cuisines
  • Immersed in the Splendor
  • Spanish Delights
  • Spanish Comfort
  • Delectable Wines
  • Exquisite Selections
  • Take Advantage of Tranquil Moments
  • Captivating Cellar
  • Relaxation at its Best
  • Superior Room
  • View from Room

Welcome to Santuario Wellness & Spa

Santuario at Abadia Retuerta Le Domaine Hotel at Spain

The former stable of an ancient abbey has been transformed into a nurturing sanctuary of holistic healing and wellness. Large skylights bathe the spa in natural light, exuding a warm and comforting atmosphere. In keeping with the renovation of the abbey, our goal was to create a spa that placed the utmost on sustainability and respect for the historic property by installing a system that generates energy for heating and cooling with solar panels and groundwater pumps.

The water quality of the Santuario is unique in the world. Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine obtains its own water from a well that has 120 meters of depth. The water is extracted, decalcified and after being transferred to a reverse osmosis, it is stored in a 120,000 liter tank, obtaining water with a similar quality to natural mineral water. This same treated water is the one used for all Spa facilities.

Inside the spacious 10.000-sq-ft. Spa at LeDomaine there are four individual treatment rooms as well as a private Spa Suite for couples, all equipped with world-renowned brands such as furniture by Gharieni and French exclusive linen by RKF.  Moreover, the main entrance of Santuario LeDomaine is dressed with pieces of art by the famous artist Mira Nakashima. There are two well distinguished areas for ladies and gentlemen, equipped with everything from a Finnish sauna and steam bath to an experience shower and hydrotheraphy pool. The indoor heated pool is an ideal space in which to relax and melt into your essence.

At the Santuario, you have joyful options: indulge in your favorite treatments that are familiar and soothing, or opt for innovated oenotherapy-inspired experiences that are spirit-lifting and energizing. The spa treatment menu offers a wide range of high-end brands such as Anne Semonin, Evidens de Beauté, Natura Bissé and Mama Mio.


History of the Abadia Retuerta Hotel L’Domaine

In 1145, the marriage of aristrocracy and piety brought about the abbey when the Lord of Valladolid’s daughter Doña Mayor donated “terras et vineas” to the church. Abadía Santa Maria de Retuerta was built for the Premonstratensian Order. Baroque-Romanesque in style, it has a classic Benedictine layout of church, cloister, refectory, chapterhouse and hospedería. It is one of only two such abbeys to have survived the destruction wrought by Napoleon and is a treasured Spanish cultural heritage site.

The recent abbey renovation respects the integrity of 1000 years of history. The original monastic uses of rooms were maintained, the Romanesque-Baroque architecture conserved, not altered. Opulent new furnishings, lighting and climate control make modern guests feel at home without compromise to the ancient site. “To alter this ancient edifice was to engage in a 1,000 year-old architectural dialogue. The judicious restraint of my intervention is my homage to those who spoke before me.” – Marco Serra, Master Architect


Palacio de los Duques

Your third and final accommodation is located in the privileged Habsburg district next to the Royal Palace, the Opera House and the Cathedral… the Gran Melia Palacio de los Duques is a luxury urban resort. Inspired by Velazquez’s masterpieces, this beautiful hotel combines two historic buildings – a 13th-century convent and the 19th-century Palace of Dukes of Granada de Ega – updated in an avant-garde style. Behind the magnificent Elizabethan façade, you will find spacious rooms designed for your pleasure.  The expansive outdoors is a lush green sanctuary and constitutes the soul of the hotel, offering a relaxing solarium, a peaceful garden and a cocktail bar with an exquisite range of contemporary cuisine. We know you will enjoy your final days of your retreat here as you absorb the cultural romance and inspiring surroundings.

  • Palacio de los Duques Entrance
  • Palacio Lobby
  • Stairway to Comfort
  • View from Palacio
  • Beauty Within
  • Palacio Room
  • Palacio Comfort
  • Space and Beauty
  • For Your Well-Being
  • Focused on Your Comfort
  • Designed with Classic Lines
  • Beauty and Art
  • Relaxing on the Terrace
  • Terrace View
  • Enjoy!!