Adventures in “Music, Sound and Vibration” in TUSCANY with Barry Goldstein

Unlock Creative Energy, Clear Blocks and Find Energetic Balance with Powerful “Sound Tools!”

The Vitals

Dates: October 12 – 19, 2019

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Special Guest: Barry Goldstein

Investment: From $2,995 – $3,395 per person, double occupancy. Discount available (see below)

No matter where you are on your path, there is always room to “Fine Tune” your energy and tap into and share your gifts with the world!

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Lovers of Music, delicious Italian dishes, quaint villages, wine, magnificent villas and inspiring people  this is for you…




Take a look at this 2 minute video where Barry captures the essence of this musical journey…


Barry Goldstein has been immersed in the field of music, sound and vibration for over 25 years and has created programs with visionaries and spiritual leaders throughout the world.
Barry is excited to share some of his transformational “Sound Secrets” that will assist you in moving through subconscious blocks and help you create a unique and personalized vibrational program!

Envision yourself in the heart of Tuscany, Italy, staying at a gorgeous 14th century villa situated among the rolling hills of the Chianti wine region north-east of Siena in the typical Tuscan environment of pine and oak woods, amid olive groves and vineyards where you can admire some of the incredible enchanting landscapes. Treat yourself to some of the most delicious cuisine and world renown wines and immerse yourself in the magnificent art, culture and architecture of this splendid region.

Having the time to explore and experience Tuscany provides the perfect vehicle to integrate the powerful sound experiences and presentations orchestrated with Barry Goldstein.

Are your ready for a

Life-Changing Musical, Vibrational, and Cultural Journey in Tuscany?


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Are you excited to deepen your understanding and personal experience of how music, sound and vibration can enhance your life?

Would you like to discover powerful transformational “Sound Tools” and heart expanding live musical performances in the beautiful region of Tuscany?

Are you interested in ground breaking research of how music, sound and vibration can be utilized to enhance your health and quality of life?

The first 30 people who register will get to experience a dream of a lifetime…
And, this is just the beginning… as a SPECIAL BONUS you will have a unique opportunity to work with Barry Goldstein.
Are you ready to explore music, sound and vibration at a whole new level? Here is what Barry will offer you. more about Barry

Together we will learn and experience:

• Ground-breaking presentations on the latest research of music as medicine
• How you can clear blocks and align the energy centers (chakras) through a Sound Healing Circle utilizing Tuning Forks, Chanting and Toning.
• Live musical performances and vibrational activations with Barry Goldstein
• How to create a specific “Music Program” to transform your life and how to use music to deepen and expand your spirituality
• The allure of magical voices as an authentic Italian choir serenades you A Capella
• The power and depth of Gregorian chanting in a sacred chapel in the basement of San Miniato del Monte cathedral outside Florence
• Enjoying a classical concert in a beautiful historic setting.
• Becoming the conductor of your inner symphony and listening to music beyond your ears


This fascinating journey has been designed to offer you several aspects that will add value and enrichment to your life. A wonderful opportunity awaits you as you join and connect with like-minded individuals who have similar interests.

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