Global Journeys Inc. provides exceptional quality travel programs, workshops, and retreats.

We host well known presenters, authors and luminaries in exciting, quality destinations throughout the world. The common thread for all of our offerings is to support people in enhancing their lives. We believe that every individual has a brightness and a magnificence within themselves. Our offerings support people in seeing and connecting with their  magnificence. Once people are operating at a high level in their lives, they naturally support others and are in service in a way that contributes to the wellness of our planet.

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Phone: 516 906-2133 or 516 343-3210

While you explore fascinating places throughout the world, we provide you with insights and opportunities that encourage immersion and celebration of other cultures. There are so many wonderful things we can all learn from each other as we visit people and places around the world. We provide safe and quality travel that allows you to be in another country not simply as a tourist but more as a compassionate individual interested in connecting with others on our planet.


Franco Marini and Kay LatchmanSingh