Harmonious Health: The Convergence of Music and Medicine

Presented by Barry Goldstein and Dr. Donese Worden

Guanacaste, COSTA RICA

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Date: To Be Announced

Location: Guanacaste COSTA RICA

Presenters: Barry Goldstein, Dr. Donese Worden

Investment: USD $4,695- USD $4,995 depending on room selection per person Dbl. Occupancy. Single occupancy, click here.

Participants: Approximately 30

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“Our retreat is more than a mere getaway – it’s a profound journey into your overall well-being. Daily, we’ll enlighten you with cutting-edge wellness insights and serenade you with live music and life-changing guided experiences. Join us, to learn, transform, and script the impactful next steps of your life. “

Join us on this journey,                               Barry and Donese

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Barry & Donese’s video invitation…well worth watching!

Harmonious Health: The Convergence of Music and Medicine

Retreat Description

Amidst the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, where the serene call of nature mingles with the soothing hum of ocean waves, awaits a retreat unlike any other. Dive into an immersive experience that harmonizes ancient wisdom with groundbreaking research, seamlessly blurring the boundaries between science and spirituality. Dr. Donese Worden, an illuminator in integrative medicine and research, joins forces with Barry Goldstein, a celebrated composer and a trailblazer in the realm of music as medicine. Together, standing as pillars of innovation, they will unveil groundbreaking research that bridges the divide between melody and medicine. Dr. Worden will lead you in a self-assessment journey to pinpoint areas of potential health concerns and formulate proactive prevention and novel wellness strategies. By the end of the process, you’ll depart with a unique and innovative health plan tailored specifically to you. Prepare for life-changing experiential processes that promise profound transformation. Feel the power of live music integrations and activations, where each note resonates with the very core of your being, facilitating deeper healing and alignment. As you journey through this confluence of nature, music, and medicine, you will not only gain unparalleled insights but also partake in holistic practices that promise rejuvenation, enlightenment, and a renewed sense of connection. Join us for this transformative experience and tap into the symphony of harmonious health.

Nestled on the idyllic shores of the Pacific Ocean, the magnificent retreat center in Costa Rica offers more than just a stay – it offers an experience. Alongside the impactful sessions with Barry and Dr. Worden, immerse yourself in playful encounters with the Pacific’s invitingly warm waves and soak up the tropical atmosphere. Opt to indulge in daily yoga sessions, unwind on the beach, bask in the refreshing pools, and forge connections through engaging conversations with fellow attendees. We’ve lined up some amazing adventures for you, and if you wish, you can add on even more adventures at your leisure and expense.

 Program Essentials

Harmonious Health: The Convergence of Music and Medicine


Barry and Donese’s Personal Invitation


Barry Goldstein and Dr. Donese Worden extend a warm invitation to “Harmonious Health: The Convergence of Music and Medicine.”

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Costa Rica. This pivotal event marries the captivating compositions of composer and author Barry Goldstein with the world-renowned medical expertise of Dr. Donese Worden.

Join us on this unique journey where the worlds of music and medicine beautifully intertwine and complement each other, revealing the depth of their influence on our well-being. Amidst the lush beauty of Costa Rica, our retreat invites you to explore the deep connections between music, health, and spiritual rejuvenation.


Immerse yourself in the therapeutic tools of sound coupled with transformative live music and meditation to heighten your wellness, cultivate gratitude, and rejuvenate your spirit. Delve into discussions unveiling an array of medical approaches designed to enhance your overall health.

We aim to create a balanced environment where every piece of knowledge and every musical note is meaningful, leading to significant personal changes and a stronger connection to the world around us. We want to help you take a deep dive into experiencing life, music, and wellness in a new way.

As we demystify the concepts surrounding longevity and peak health, our aim transcends mere knowledge-sharing. This journey promises a holistic transformation, equipping you with a personalized wellness plan as you step into the future.

We’re curating an intimate experience. To secure your spot, we encourage prompt registration, as availability is limited.


Retreat Topics and Takeaways


  • Learn the role of music in heart coherence and implement powerful daily sound tools and transformational breathing techniques to increase your health, well-being, and connection to gratitude 
  • Discover the medical choices that will transform your overall health
  • Utilize music to clear mind chatter, and access inner peace with a life-changing sleep protocol
  • Unlock your Mind by Exploring Mental Health Through Brain Science
  • Tap into the ancient power of chanting and understand the science of mantra as a vehicle for clear communication and deeper spiritual connection 
  • Learn the science of how the placebo effect is real and how to implement it into your life choices 
  • Navigate your energy and free unwanted emotional energy utilizing specific tones, tuning forks and intention protocols  
  • Ever felt something was off, despite your doctor’s assurance that everything is normal? Explore advanced medical/wellness testing to enhance your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  • Learn how to identify the supplements that are right for you and the criteria for choosing high-quality products. 
  • Explore the fascinating world of male and female differences revealing how this knowledge is crucial for developing innovative and personalized medical solutions and optimizing healthcare outcomes for everyone. 
  • Acquire powerful grounding techniques utilizing sound and rhythm to reconnect you with your power, passion, and purpose 
  • Live music composed based on group energy 
  • Live meditations, activation, and integrations throughout the retreat 
  • Delve into the myths and truths about longevity and optimal health, along with preventive measures to ensure it.
  • Navigating through Various Health Topics, we will guide you in a thorough exploration of your health, orchestrating a full transformation of your physical, mental, and emotional, and spiritual well-being. You will walk away with a wellness plan uniquely tailored for you.


Retreat Format

  • Life-altering experiences
  • Engaging discussions
  • Fun and educational wellness talks and activities
  • Immersive live music and sound journeys
  • Costa Rican cuisine, paired with insightful health tips
  • Free day for optional exploration of Costa Rica’s “many wonders”