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Wired for Love with Stan Tatkin in COSTA RICA

A couples’ retreat in Costa Rica with Stan and Tracey Tatkin

The Vitals

Dates: March 31 – April 6, 2019

Location: Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Sugar Beach Resort

Presenters: Stan and Tracey Tatkin

Investment: Between $2250 – $2695 per person dbl occupancy

Join us on this Incredible Journey

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Join Us on this Incredible Journey…


Envision yourself at a splendid tropical resort in Costa Rica, right at the edge of the Pacific Ocean with playful waves, spending time with Stan and Tracey as you enhance your relationship. This is an amazing opportunity for you to enrich your relationship while you enjoy and play in the splendor of this fantastic resort.

Imagine an issue you’ve had with your partner. You were so annoyed about it, and maybe you couldn’t even explain why. Maybe you didn’t even understand yourself.

PACT, a Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy, quickly gets to the heart of what’s happening with conflict and tension in your relationship. Developed out of exciting, cutting-edge research in three areas—neuroscience, attachment theory, and the biology of human arousal—PACT works by cutting out a lot of the arguing about who’s right. Instead, it looks at what’s really happening in your brain, your body, and your emotions when you fight. It’s truly a mind-body holistic approach to healing and growth.

During this week-long retreat of teaching, interacting, and experimenting, you will come to understand the psychobiological particulars of your partner (and yourself!) and how you both really work together. Using PACT principles and techniques, you will begin to construct a specific set of guidelines to help you and your partner: Form a “couple bubble,” Become an expert on one another, Fight well, and Rekindle love.

The concrete tools you learn can be implemented immediately to help you move forward in your relationship and grow as a couple.

As mentioned, on this retreat we will use the PACT principles to guide you in overcoming challenges you face as a couple. PACT stands for A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy®.  It was developed out of exciting, cutting-edge research in three areas.

The first is neuroscience, the study of the human brain. Understanding how the brain works provides a physiological basis for understanding how people act and react within relationships. In a nutshell, some areas of your brain are wired to reduce threat and danger and seek security, while others are geared to establish mutuality and loving connection.

The second is attachment theory, which explains the biological need to bond with others. Experiences in early relationships create a blueprint that informs the sense of safety and security you bring to adult relationships. Insecurities that have been carried through life can wreak havoc for a couple if these issues are not resolved.

The third area is the biology of human arousal—meaning the moment-to-moment ability to manage one’s energy, alertness, and readiness to engage. It isn’t necessary to understand the scientific basis of PACT to realize its benefits.

Join us at this romantic,  enchanting resort where you will learn these powerful fundamental principles, and get to experience them as you enjoy this special, secluded Costa Rican escape.

Register while you can…this will be an intimate group

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We are truly excited about the Costa Rican Couples’ retreat, an opportunity to gather together as couples to expand and deepen our relationships—a mission which often seems impossible during the day-to-day challenges of our lives at home. We have worked with Global Journeys on several occasions for a couples’ retreat and it always has been wonderful; they are delightful and will put together a top-notch experience for all of us. One of the things that excites us the most is the amount of time we will have together. Since it will be an intimate group, we will have the opportunity to get to know all of you while experiencing the workshop and the adventures together.

Again, this promises to be a special experience and one we are thrilled to share with you. Join us as we learn, grow, and take adventures together.


Stan and Tracey Tatkin

This powerful retreat includes the following:

      • Accommodations for 6 nights including taxes
      • All meals ( 3 meals per day) starting with dinner on the first day, and ending with breakfast on the last day. (No beef or pork will be served)
      • All presentations/workshops by Stan and Tracey (see schedule)
      • All other workshops listed
      • Morning Yoga and Meditation sessions
      • All evening offerings
      • Optional Community Service Project
      • Access to swimming pool
      • Hiking and beach accessibility
      • Transportation from and to the Liberia Airport within set time frames
  • Not Included:
    • Air Fare
    • Personal Items
    • Tips



Take a look at this TED Talk to get a great example of Stan’s work