A Barge Journey on the French Canals

June 12-18, 2024


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Send us a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 per person via one of the four options below.

Half of the remaining balance is due March 12, 2024. The final payment is due April 12, 2024.

Wait until you receive an official registration confirmation from us before you book your flight.

Payments, Dates, Terms and Conditions

Payment : You have 4 payment options…

Option #1 – Recommended form of payment with no fees… Write a check with the appropriate amount made out to Global Journeys Inc. On the back of the check, on the endorsement line write- “For Electronic Deposit Only”. Take a clear picture of the front and the back of the check on a dark background, and send both images to either 516 906-2133 or to  After we receive your images and your check clears our bank, we will inform you and you can then write “Void” on your check so it doesn’t get used again.

Option #2 – Wire the money in U.S. dollars to the following bank account: Name and Address – Global Journeys Inc. P.O.Box 21092  Floral Park, NY 11002
Bank:   JP Morgan Chase   770 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10065
Bank Account Number  3061935109
Routing Number  021000021  (if Domestic payment)
Swift/Aba Code   CHASUS33  (if International payment)

Option #3 – If your account is at J.P.Morgan Chase or another commercial bank, you may make a ‘Quick Pay’ or ‘Zelle’ payment to the account of:

Option # 4 –  PayPal is currently NOT available. If you select option #4, please note that you are responsible for paying the processing fee: 3% if paying from the U.S and 4.6% if you are paying from outside the U.S. Through PayPal you may use your credit or debit card. Our account for a PayPal payment is:

Cancellations and Refunds

If you choose to cancel your participation in this retreat, we will not refund any deposits or subsequent payments regardless of circumstances. Given this policy, we strongly suggest that you purchase travel insurance in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances that may arise at your end.

Travel insurance will protect your investment in case of unforeseen situations or emergencies. If you choose to purchase travel insurance, which we highly recommend, you must do so on your own. We have been working with Travel Guard International at 800 826-1300, and have received positive feedback. When you purchase this insurance, please take some time to double check what is covered. Each state has slightly different policies. Be sure that you are getting coverage that includes a refund if the Host of the retreat is unavailable to attend if you wish to apply that option.

In the unlikely circumstances that Global Journeys Inc. is forced to cancel or postpone this retreat, we can apply your total amount you have paid towards a future retreat with Global Journeys within one year of the beginning date of this present retreat, or we will refund your full payment.




Global Journeys Inc. offers various travel opportunities to the general public. Global Journeys Inc., its owners and contracted personnel have taken what they believe to be reasonable precautions to create and conduct safe trips.

As a participant you must recognize that any trip may have inherent dangers including but not limited to your involvement in: flying in commercial airlines over U.S. land, other countries, and ocean waters; travel in vehicles on crowded streets and mountain highways; swimming in swimming pools with no lifeguards, eating and drinking food that may be foreign and different to what you are normally used to; exposure to intense sun and hot and humid conditions; and being exposed to other unpredictable situations that may be incurred in France. If you choose to participate in yoga sessions be responsible and move at your own pace. If you choose to swim be aware there is no lifeguard, so you are responsible for your swimming safety.

Your decision to participate in this retreat means that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of safely handling this trip to France. If you have any suspicion, no matter how slight, that you may have a physical or mental health condition, which may prevent you from participating on this trip safely, it is your responsibility to seek medical treatment or consultation to verify whether you should participate on this trip. Please do not go on this trip if you do not believe you have the appropriate skills or physical/emotional/mental capabilities to safely participate. We recommend highly that you have medical insurance and have your card on the trip, as well as purchase travel insurance for this trip.


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