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The Art of Seeing – About Us

The Art of Seeing

John Dispenza

“In the same manner as personal evolution, an artist must continue to evolve and change. My passion when creating is to record the true essence of the experience, whether it be with oil paints, watercolor or drawing; to not be so concerned about technique, but to allow the materials to work freely through the artist and not control the artist.


My goal is to share in creating and painting without boundaries – breaking free from the fear of making mistakes and to experiment by exploring and taking risks – ultimately having a sense of confidence and trust in the process.”

Trained as an Illustrator and painter at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, New York, John has worked as an illustrator doing paintings for book covers, magazines, movie posters, packaging, pharmaceuticals and other venues for clients such as, Bantam Books, Harcourt Brace Publishers, RN Magazine, Prevention Magazine, Parke Davis Pharmaceuticals, Lederle Labs, Macy’s, Bloomingdales and many more. His work has been shown in The Society of Illustrators, in NYC, where he won the Warren Rodgers Award of Excellence, Communication Arts Annual, as well as showing his illustrations in the first annual RSVP show in Times Square, NYC. John was also awarded medals from the New Jersey Art Directors Club for excellence in illustration. He has had his paintings and drawings shown in galleries in NYC, New Jersey, Atlanta, GA and California where he was a part of creating the Society of Illustrators in San Diego. John has lectured and taught in art schools sharing the experience he’s gained in being a professional. Currently, John resides in Washington State where he has his studio, continuing his painting, illustration, design work and teaching.

Come and join me in this amazing tropical paradise where you’ll have an opportunity to retreat from your life and place your focus on seeing through the artist’s eye. You’ll be in a beautiful environment exploring the artist within you, creating amazing artwork.  Together we’ll engage in inspiring conversations, we’ll share delicious Costa Rican cuisine, we’ll float in the warm playful waves of the Pacific. We’ll listen to the chatter of the monkeys, experience and capture amazing sunsets, relax on the beach together, share stories and support each other in the possibilities in your art, John

team 3

Franco Marini is the co-owner and director of Global Journeys. Franco was born in Italy and since his arrival in the U.S., when he was eight, he has continued traveling as part of his life’s mission. He has chosen to devote his life to being in service as a teacher and healer. He is a Yoga Shiromani (teacher of yoga), a ceremonialist, a wellness coach, a massage therapist, a drum-maker, a consultant and director of Peak Empowerment – an organization dedicated to personal, team and organizational development. He loves to be in service to those seeking personal growth and spiritual expansion. One of his commitments in life is to create programs, such as this retreat, that have a vision focused on personal empowerment, transformation, and well being. His role on this retreat is one of support.

team 4Kay LatchmanSingh is the main organizer and logistic expert of this retreat. Her background in international trade and finance and her attention to details will ensure that this will be a quality experience for all. She is in communication with everyone who is a part of this program and makes sure that all aspects of this endeavor are synchronized. Kay is also in charge of participant wellness and takes care of everyone from the time they register until they are back home. Kay is the co-owner and vice-president of Global Journeys. She provides a wealth of experience in travel and cultural connections. Kay was born and educated in British Guyana, moved to the U.S. and has traveled and worked with people in many European countries, Russia, Egypt, South Africa, British West Indies, and Central America. Her knowledge and connections with various cultures is a wonderful asset as she works with and teaches a variety of people. Her vision of providing service to those in need and doing so in a celebratory way certainly is the foundation of this retreat. She is a Yoga Shiromani (teacher of yoga) in the Sampoorna tradition, and is a student of Sanskrit. She will be leading some of the Yoga sessions on this retreat. Kay’s Hindu practice, knowledge of the Vedic Traditions, experience leading Kirtan, amazing ability to prepare Indian cuisine and Yoga knowledge will be invaluable assets on this retreat.