The Art of Seeing – A Drawing and Painting Workshop in COSTA RICA with John Dispenza

The Art of Seeing

The Vitals

Dates: May 12 – 18, 2019

Location:  Guanacaste, COSTA RICA, Sugar Beach Resort on the beach of the warm Pacific

Special Guest: John Dispenza

Investment$ 2,450 – $2,695 per person (double occupancy)

Join us in this magical journey that holds gifts along the way that not only awaken the artist within but, helps one to see those areas in your life that you might be blind to.

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The art of seeing is the quintessential element of being an artist. We begin to awaken the artist and creator in all of us when we begin to observe reality from a new and fresh point of view. All great artists and thinkers, including painters, sculptors, writers, actors, musicians, philosophers, architects and anyone interested in seeing art in their lives, see the world from a different point of view. Creating the ability to observe in a new way and practicing it through various drawing assignments enables the participant to engage in seeing for the first time, all over again. It is a magical journey that holds gifts along the way that not only awakens the artist within, but also helps one to see those areas in your life that you might be blind to.

When Columbus landed on the shores of the new land, the native Indians could not see his ships with the large sails. Not because they were blind but, because they had never seen anything like that before and had no knowledge of those types of ships and so, it was not visible to them. Also, the Inuit people, when first shown a newspaper with portrait photographs, could not see the photographed faces. They only saw a series of colored dots in an abstract pattern.

With that being said, the question I ask in this workshop is, “What is it that you are not seeing just because you do not have the knowledge and experience of it yet?” We begin to uncover what has been right in front of you the whole time. We start to see the world through new eyes and create the ability to record that on paper in an easy and lighted hearted way. We engaging in specific drawing exercises to help you to see reality in an abstract way that simplifies and pairs down reality, making the drawing process much easier to record.

We explore form in space, objects and their relationship to each other in a given space, value (light and dark), perspective drawings (in a new and fresh way), drawing with the “mind’s eye” and portraitures. In addition, we work on the science of color and begin to apply that to water color paintings with various subject matter.

We will also work out of the studio in our journals, exploring quick and effective drawings and paintings applying everything we’ve learned throughout the course.

The class is for seasoned artists as well as beginners who have no experience at all! If you’ve ever been attracted to art and drawing, this class is perfect for you. In fact, most of the students in my workshops have never drawn before.

Check out some of the amazing results from previous workshops from students with NO drawing experience – before and during the workshop! (Take a look at the bottom of this page)

Come and join me in this amazing tropical paradise where you’ll have an opportunity to retreat from your life and place your focus on seeing through the artist’s eye. You’ll be in a beautiful environment exploring the artist within you, creating amazing artwork.  Together we’ll engage in inspiring conversations, we’ll share delicious Costa Rican cuisine, we’ll float in the warm playful waves of the Pacific. We’ll listen to the chatter of the monkeys, experience and capture amazing sunsets, relax on the beach together, share stories and support each other in the possibilities in your art.



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This is what participants from the last workshop created before any instructions



After working with John, these were some of the results