Luxury Tantric Intimacy Retreat

for Couples



Dr. Elsbeth Meuth

 Freddy Zental Weaver


 “This retreat will be offered in 2023. As soon we have specific dates, we will post them. We are accepting names of interested couples, so if you’d like to let us know of your interest, kindly email us and we will connect with you as soon as we confirm the dates. Loving Wishes!”

Luxury Tantric Intimacy Retreat

Led By

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver

Experience Passionate Love and Blissful Connection through Relationship-Altering Intimacy Rituals at this Luxury Tantra Retreat


Please join us in this amazing Costa Rican paradise as we guide you in foundational and advanced intimacy practices and rituals that will alter the way you look at love and engage in making love so you may expand your relationship for a lifetime,

Elsbeth and Freddy

This Tantric Intimacy Retreat allows you to heal past wounds, create deeper intimate connection, ignite passionate loving and enjoy playful exploration!


This retreat is for you if you are looking to:

  • Rekindle passion and light up your sensuous spark
  • Expand your already loving intimate relationship to new heights, or
  • Recover from relationship challenges and transform them into lasting intimacy, or
  • Take a new relationship to new heights without repeating mistakes from the past, and
  • Enjoy a luxuriously beautiful environment as the backdrop to deepening intimate connection

Here is what you will take away from attending this tantric couples retreat:

  • Expanded pleasure, playfulness and harmony while learning to create your partnership as a source of daily inspiration and renewed intimate attraction
  • Cutting-edge love principles and inspiring tantric practices that are proven to deepen intimate connection
  • Experience greater fulfillment and turn on your creative spark


A little more information on our focus together…


For the woman:

  • How to awaken to your feminine sensuous Goddess within
  • The secret to being in your flow, aliveness and playful joy
  • How to free yourself from past sexual imprints that keep you from being your luscious and alive Self
  • How to receive, trust and let go
  • How to support your partner in slowing down and becoming truly present to circulating his orgasmic nectar

For the man:

  • How to enhance and sustain pleasure as long as you choose
  • How to feel strong, sexually confident and fully available so your partner feels safe and open to receive
  • How to deepen intimate connection with yourself and your beloved
  • How to channel and circulate your life force sexual energy
  • How to be an invitation to your woman so she welcomes more intimate exploration
  • How to support the woman in re-awakening her life-giving Shakti energy

Intimate practices will be assigned as partner homework in the privacy of your room. Please know that there is no public nudity.


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Schedule for the week

Upon your arrival on Feb 13th, you will have time to settle into your beautiful accommodations, explore your new tropical surroundings and relax a bit as you prepare for our time together.
We will begin our journey together with a group dinner on the evening of the 12th and Elsbeth and Freddy will welcome you and introduce the program they have created.
During the week together you will have a variety of opportunities including:
* Sessions and workshops with Elsbeth and Freddy
* Optional morning Yoga
* Optional community service project
* A full day of Adventure activities of your choosing at your own cost
* Time to relax, swim in the pool, enjoy the beach and play in the warm waves of the Pacific
* Enjoy meals individually and as a group
* Spend time with like-minded people on the journey
* Visiting the nearby vibrant town of Tamarindo with exciting shops and a multitude of unique restaurants