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The Gift of Deepening and The Radiance in All Things


May 18 – 24, 2024

French Canals

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Our Schedule for this memorable journey

This is a week full of Mark’s sessions and intriguing excursions. Kindly note that all excursions  are optional. If you ever wish to just simply relax and enjoy the scenery or take a little snooze rather than going on an excursion, you may do so at any time. Also note that this schedule may vary slightly to meet the needs of the participants as the days unfold.

Generally, when the barge is cruising along, Mark will be offering sessions. He may also share his wisdom and stories on some of the excursions.

Mornings will start with an optional Yoga session, followed by breakfast. Evenings after dinner? Let’s wait and see who has joined us and we’ll decide what works best for everyone during the evening times. More than likely the evenings will involve a combination of sessions, games, activities and free-time.


For information on getting to the mooring point for the barge Daniele, go to : Getting There  Also, if you wish some suggestions for accommodations in this area, the Getting There section has a list of recommended hotels.

You are welcome to board the MS Daniele barge at 6:00 p.m. on May 18, 2024. We’ll introduce the barge crew at a welcome cocktail before dinner on board. Franco and Kay will welcome the group and share some information, and Mark will introduce the week-long program before our first delectable dinner.


Mark’s Sessions

  • Session 1: The Underlying Reality
  • Session 2: Alone and Together


We’ll depart by coach to Arc-et-Senans for the tour of the Saline-Royale. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this royal factory was built between 1775 and 1779 at the wish of King Louis XV. We’ll return on board after our tour and cruise towards Ranchot.


Mark’s Sessions

  • Session 3: The Speed of Our Age
  • Session 4: The Gift of Deepening


Today will be spent cruising towards Dole. In the afternoon, you will attend an original and unique tour, following the “trail of the Perched Cat”. This trail refers the famous tales of a Perched Cat, written be Marcel Aymé who lived in Dole as a child.


Mark’s Session

  • Session 5: The Fire of Aliveness
  • Session 6: Meeting Our Teachers


We’ll  cruise towards Saint-Jean-de-Losne and then you may join a guided tour of the city and the Battellerie Museum which recounts the history of navigation, followed by a tasting of local products.



Mark’s Sessions

  • Session 7: Pain, Fear and The Art of Enduring
  • Session 8: Reflective Sessions Along locks


We’ll cruise towards Petit Ouges  reaching it in the afternoon. Upon arrival in Petit-Ouges, enjoy time at leisure to discover the “circuit of the three washhouses”


Mark’s Sessions

  • Session 9: The Common Center & The Endless Vows
  • Session 10: One Candle Lighting Many


We’ll  cruise to Dijon. In the afternoon, enjoy some time on your own. Explore the Cité de la Gastronomie et du Vin at your own pace. Then you may go on an excursion along the Grands Crus Wine Route in Burgundy. Tonight’s our gala evening and dinner.


This is our last morning together as a group. Enjoy breakfast on board as we wrap up this amazing experience. Mark, Kay and Franco will share their insights and each participant may choose to share their final thoughts as we all move forward in our lives having experienced a unique and memorable event. Disembarking will be at 9:00 a.m. 

Mark Nepo’s video explains a bit more about the content of this amazing journey