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Getting There

May 18 – 24, 2024

French Canals

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Getting to:

MS Daniele Barge

Getting to Besancon where the MS Daniele barge is docked

Make arrangement to fly to CDG (Charles De Gaulle) airport in Paris. You may choose to arrive on May, 17, get to Besancon on the same day, spend a night at a hotel and visit Besancon during the day on May 18th before you board the barge. If you arrive early on May 18, you can get to Besancon on the same day.

The best route from CDG airport to Besancon is by train. Most trains from the airport take around 5 hours to get to Besancon. If you enjoy a longer train ride, this is the way to go.

If you prefer getting there more quickly, we suggest taking a 30 minute taxi ride from the airport to the train station called, “Paris Gare de Lyon”. From there you can get to Besancon in around 3 hours for about the same price.

We highly recommend you make a train reservation as soon as you book your flight.

Links to get your train tickets:

Boarding MS Daniele in Besancon

The best way to get from the train station or your hotel to where the MS Danielle is docked is by taxi. The dock is located on the east side of the “Le Doubs River”. Going north on Avenue de Chardonnet, the dock is just past the bridge, “Pont de Bregille. The boat is located behind the Cité des Arts building. Address of Cité des Arts: 12 Avenue Arthur Gaulard. From here 2 minutes to the barge on foot. Most taxi drivers know exactly where the the barge is docked.

Plan on boarding the MS Daniele barge at 6 pm on May 18, 2024. You are welcome to take your luggage to the barge any time earlier in the day and they will take it on board for you.

Disembarking MS Daniele in Dijon

On May 24, breakfast will be served and then please be ready to disembark the Daniele by 9 am. If you are heading back to CDG airport in Paris, or another airport or choosing to stay at a hotel in Dijon, the crew will arrange a taxi to take you to your destination. If you are traveling by train, we again suggest you make the reservations as soon as you book your flight. You may use the same links shown above to make your train reservations.