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Feeling Multidimensional to Being Multidimensional with Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer – February 16 – 22, 2020

Living the Language of Energy, Light & Information®

The Vitals

Dates: February 16 – 22, 2020

Location: Guanacaste, COSTA RICA

Special Presenters: Eric Pearl & Jillian Fleer

Investment: From $2565 – $3150 depending on chosen accommodations

Are you ready for one of the most life-changing experiences of your life?

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Join us for our first-ever intimate weeklong gathering in gorgeous Sugar Beach, Costa Rica! We are so excited for this opportunity to be with you to learn, share, eat, play, swim, laugh, cry and transfigure together in the Reconnective Healing (RH) field. This is your next level of evolution and the way to simply begin living the life you love.

Humans are communicators by design and evolution, driven to interact with one another and the world around us. We are not only here to understand our present moment but also to grasp the larger, unseen aspects of our existence. But what if there were a language beyond words, a language we could learn without requiring us to memorize vocabulary or learn grammar, syntax or other pragmatics? – A universality of communication where our stories no longer define us. An all-inclusive language without any distinction according to health, wealth, gender, religious belief, cultural orientation or even proximity to one another.

Are you ready to embrace and utilize this newly available language of the cosmos? Could one of our prized symbols of human-ness – verbal language – be undermining our best attempts to overcome our mind’s inability to remain focused? Is it possible we have simply outgrown the boundaries that words and pictures impose on us? Are we ready to “speak in Energy, Light & Information?”

This new language is designed to bring us into a highly coherent and deep exchange with the RH frequencies. Reconnective Healing is not only a language unto itself but IT is the Rosetta Stone – the Key – for humanity’s next Universal language of the Cosmos.

Under the guidance of Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer, this highly experiential week together will allow you to step beyond the constraints of our spoken languages to reach freedom from our stories, expectations, judgements and mental, emotional, spiritual dis-ease. We will discover how to break behavioral patterns and cultural/societal impositions that we unwittingly assimilate and accept, replacing them with innate clarity, freedom, joy, knowingness, ease, grace and confidence in our everyday lives. Your life will start to manifest from within the flow of receivership with the Intelligence of Reconnective Healing. This will open you up to effortless and a far more comprehensive – dare we say limitless – communication for living the life you love. A gift you will take home with you for the rest of you life.

During the course of our week together we will immerse ourselves in:

The latest scientific research showing how our DNA changes upon our very first interaction with Reconnective Healing frequencies. This not only coordinates us to the reciprocal universe (which reveals the miraculous and instantaneous healings we often see), but also retools our DNA so it’s far better able to receive, process and exchange communication.

The approach for non-judgmental communication to help you step beyond the old paradigm of verbal communication and emotions into the new… your “new-known!”

A highly effective way to understand and recognize the quantum changes and outcomes that will take you beyond mind training and even the ecstatic experience into the ecstatic awareness-awareness – of everything!

Foolproof guideposts to recognize and expand the awareness of our inner and outer atmosphere!

Five of the Keys to Reconnective Healing, each a core tool with benefits.

The knowingness and recognition of your own bio-photonic nature.
Daily exercises and practices carefully orchestrated to help bring about your own discovery and daily life mastery as the language of Energy, Light & Information!

Join us to experience this amazing opportunity. Register now and we’ll see you in Costa Rica!

Eric and Jillian