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Feeling Multidimensional to Being Multidimensional – Schedule

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Many of you will arrive at Sugar Beach sometime on Sunday afternoon. You’ll have a chance to settle in, swim in the pool, play in the ocean and soak up the beauty of your environment. We will have a short introduction to the program and then you can indulge in a delectable dinner

Each morning you will have an opportunity to join a Meditation and Yoga session and/or you may take an early morning walk on the beach before having a delicious breakfast in the open-air restaurant. The sun-rises in this area are vibrant and as the ocean and land critters awaken, you can feel the energy of life all around you.

Below, you will see the general schedule for the entire week. You will have lots of time to learn amazing and practical information from Eric and Jillian that you can use to empower and enrich your life as well as ample time for exciting adventures, playful activities, sharing time with others and time to relax and absorb the beauty of this splendid tropical paradise.

Join Us for this heart-opening, expansive and fun week enveloped by the unique magic and beauty of Costa Rica

The sessions will be filled with Eric and Jillian’s extensive wisdom, and tremendous intuitive connection as well as powerful information.

This is the general schedule for the week. Variations may be made to support participants’ growth.


Welcome to Sugar Beach!

3 – 5 pm – Arrival at Sugar Beach Resort

3 – 6:30 pm – Settle into your tropical space, swim in the pool, play in the ocean, relax and enjoy the peacefulness

6:30 pm –Welcome and introduction, followed by dinner





7 am – Yoga/Meditation Sessionbeach photo 6

8 am – 9 am – Leisurely Breakfast

9:30 am – Noon – Session with Eric and Jillian

Noon – Lunch

2  pm – 5 pm – Session with Eric and Jillian

7 pm – Dinner

Evening Opportunity


7 am – Yoga/Meditation SessionIMG_5503

8 am – 9 am –  Breakfast

9 am – Noon -Session with Eric and Jillian

Noon – Lunch

2 pm – 5 pm  – Personal time and opportunity to incorporate information from sessions

7 pm – Dinner

Evening Session


6:30 am – Yoga/Meditation Session

7:00 am – Breakfast

A day of “Adventures”. This is your day to be with friends and enjoy playing and exploring this splendid
environment.  You may wish to explore in a large group or in subgroups that we will help coordinate according to your preferences for activities, or simply be with those you came with. This is the time to discover what truly nourishes you and be with those who choose to be part of that nourishing exploration. One of the most popular choices is to spend the day at Buena Vista where you will get to ride horses, go on a thrilling zip-line, play on water slides, take a mud-bath, hike in the rain-forest, and more. Or, you may select one of the other activities which we will tell you about when you are there. You do not need to decide now, we just want you to know there are several excursions available. These activities are offered at an additional cost.

7 pm – Dinner


7 am – Yoga/Meditation Session

8 am –  Breakfast

9:30 am – Noon – Session with Eric and Jillian

Noon – Lunch

2 pm – 5 pm – Session with Eric and Jillian

7 pm –  Dinner

Evening Session







7 am – Yoga/Meditation SessionIMG_5526 (2)

8 am – 9 am –  Breakfast

9:30 am – Noon  Session with Eric and Jillian

Noon – Lunch

Personal Time

One of the  options we recommend for the afternoon is Pura Vidaride. An easy 20 minute walk south of Sugar
Beach is Pura Vidaride where on your own you can rent: paddle boards, surf boards, boogie boards, snorkeling equipment, mountain bikes, kayaks and more. They also have a fun little restaurant there and they  serve very tasty gelato… OR, you may decide to visit Tamarindo, a bustling little surf town with lots of shopping opportunities and beach restaurants.

5 pm – Mandala Beach Ceremony and group closing

7 pm – Dinner

8 pm – Festive Gathering, music and dancing


Wrapping things up…

After breakfast, you will be transported to the airport