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PURE HUMAN: Breakthrough! with Gregg Braden in Florida, U.S.A.


Pure Human – Breakthrough

with Gregg Braden


Bring in the New Year


December 29th, 2022 – January 4th, 2023


“Unleash Your Power to be Extraordinary”


This is an intimate retreat with a small group…register now if interested




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Registration for this retreat is not open at this time. We will post an announcement when it opens. If you wish to let us know of your interest in attending, kindly send us an email: and we will contact you as soon as registration is available.


The science is clear: We are not what we’ve been told, and even more than we’ve imagined!

Within each of us lie dormant abilities and extraordinary potentials far beyond what was believed to be possible in the past. The key to access the highest expression of our humanness is to unlock the personal code to our advanced neural networks, cell membranes and emotional intelligence that allows us to excel in everyday life, and thrive in times of uncertainty. Pure Human: Breakthrough! is designed to do just that, by breaking though the limited fear-based beliefs of past programing.

Diverse fields of study ranging from human evolution and genetics, to the emerging science of neuro-cardiology and heart intelligence have revealed new discoveries, and a new human story of self-empowerment and extraordinary potential. These discoveries add to a growing body of evidence confirming that we are a highly advanced, highly sophisticated “soft” technology with the ability to self-heal, self-regulate, self-regenerate and rejuvenate every organ, each gland and all tissue in our bodies.


In this extended multi-day retreat, Gregg Braden will:

  • Provide the blueprint and techniques for Pure Human thinking, and living, that includes the scientific discoveries to awaken your mysterious superhuman potential.
  • Teach you how to access and program your body’s multiple operating systems to self-regulate the biology of your immune system, stem cells, regeneration and longevity enzymes and more, On-Demand, by accessing your innate epigenetic codes.

Join Gregg Braden for this compelling 5+ days event as he shares the discoveries that that catapult us beyond the conventional thinking when it comes to us—our origins, limits and, most importantly, the extraordinary capabilities available to us in everyday life. In this responsibly presented, fast-paced, highly visual and experiential program, Gregg draws upon recent scientific discoveries and the evidence shared in his new books, combined with time-tested strategies from ancient and indigenous traditions, as he shares the keys for accessing extraordinary states of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health and healing.


Highlights of this program include

  • Five + days with like-minded souls from diverse cultures and backgrounds in a healing retreat environment to learn, develop and fine-tune the skills to self-regulate your regenerative biology, including skills of heart intelligence, super memory, super recall and deep intuition on-demand!
  • A special segment dedicated to optimizing the techniques of biological coherence and experiencing the proven physical and emotional and relationship benefits of these skills.
  • A special segment dedicated to the development of deep states of non-local awareness, sensory enhancement, super memory and super cognition.
  • A special segment dedicated to the discovery of a new class of stem cells that remain viable throughout human life, rather than disappear with age, and support rejuvenation, regeneration and longevity at any age.
  • A special segment dedicated to a new class of neurons that regulate elevated states of consciousness, and how to awaken these neurons in your life.
  • A special segment dedicated to awakening, strengthening and optimizing your body’s most powerful innate immune responses On-Demand.
  • A special segment dedicated to the recent discoveries of the chemistry of emotion:

*the specific organs and tissue where the chemistry of unresolved emotions are stored (these are different for men and women)

*how to free the emotional chemicals before they lead to illness and disease.

  • Gregg’s unpublished research (including archaeological evidence) that overturns mainstream thinking when it comes to who we are, our origins and the extraordinary implications of these discoveries in our lives!
  • Learning to discern information from your thinking mind, and your heart’s intelligence, as it reveals decisive answers to your life’s mysteries, life’s most difficult decisions, and how to trust deep states of intuition!
  • Much, much more!



This extended program is an opportunity to join Gregg as he goes beyond the typical keynote presentations, to become proficient in the language and applications of self-regulated biology  and heart-based wisdom.  Gregg and his team have chosen the beauty, comfort and privacy of the new Santarena Hotel and Resort at Danta Beach in Costa Rica, complete with deluxe accommodations, luxury amenities, access to pristine beach, swimming, canoeing and kayaking in the tranquil waters nearby for this healing retreat experience. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to join Gregg, and an international community of heart-based pioneers from all walks of life to discover why you’re more than you’ve ever imagined!

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