The ESSENCE and MAGIC of Classical Music…a journey to Prague, Vienna and Budapest with Barry Goldstein


of Classical Music

A Musical Journey to Prague, Vienna and Budapest


September 8th – 16th, 2018


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This retreat has been postponed to a different month. New information will be available soon.

Lovers of Classical Music, this is for you…

Join us on a Fabulous Musical and Cultural Journey

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Do you enjoy listening to classical music?

Would you like to experience classical music presentations at three of the most fabulous music halls in the world?

Are you interested in deepening your knowledge and learning how music can be a part of your life at a whole different level?


The first 30 people who register will get to experience a dream of a lifetime…


Prague is often referred to as the city of a Hundred Spires, a magnet of the classical music era, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While here you will get to experience a classical music concert at one of the iconic music centers of Europe. You also will get a tour ticket that allows you to visit numerous historical sites throughout the city. And, Barry Goldstein will offer a session intended to enrich your appreciation of music beyond your normal listening and experience.

There are numerous places to explore in this splendid city… The Gothic Charles Bridge is a unique site and the Church of St. Nicholas in the Lesser Town, is the most beautiful Baroque church in Prague. The winding lanes of the Jewish Quarter, which you may know from the novels of Franz Kafka are worth walking. In the Old Town Hall you can visit the Prague Astronomical clock and see Petřín with a lookout tower reminiscent of a small Eiffel Tower. If you like castles, the Prague castle awaits you. (more about Prague)

In Vienna we shall immerse ourselves in Viennese delights.  The State Opera/Concert hall in this divine city is unparalleled with its past memories of grandeur and frivolity. Included in this journey is entrance to a  classical music concert in this famous venue.

Barry  will offer a presentation designed to enhance your perception and understanding of music and will guide you in how to “tune-up” your body, mind and spirit to receive music in a profound way.

Austria’s capital, Vienna,  offers a unique blend of imperial traditions and stunning architecture. Famous for its many cultural events, classical concerts, imperial architecture, coffee houses, cozy wine taverns, and the very special Viennese charm. You will be given a tour ticket that will allow you to visit many of these unique sites.

Vienna’s history dates back to the first post-Christian century when the Romans established the military camp, Vindobona. Today’s cityscape is characterized by the abundance of baroque buildings created mostly under the rule of Empress Maria Theresia and Emperor Franz Joseph who was largely responsible for the monumental architecture round the Ringstraße. (more about Vienna)

Budapest has one of the most exquisite music halls, the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music “Music Academy”) is a concert hall and music conservatory in Budapest, Hungary, founded on November 14,1875. The opera/concert hall in this splendid city is nothing short of extraordinary. (more about Budapest)

As part of this journey, you will attend a classical music concert at the splendid music hall and Barry will offer a presentation and performance in his unique style of music focused on enriching your health and quality of life through music. You will also have time to explore the heart of this fascinating city as you experience its phenomenal architecture, its exquisite art, its unique and tantalizing cuisine, its cultural uniqueness, its inhabitants and more…

And, this is just the beginning… as a  SPECIAL BONUS you will have a unique opportunity to work with Barry Goldstein.

Are you ready to explore classical music at a whole new level? Here is what Barry will offer you.

more about Barry


Together we will learn and experience:

·      The research and health benefits of classical music

·      How to become the conductor of your inner symphony

·      Listening to classical music beyond your ears

·      Utilizing Heart Entrainment to synchronize to classical music

·      Tuning up and tuning in- Creating a multi-sensory experience

·      Tapping in and connecting to the background of the composer and composition

·      Live experiential processes and performances to deepen your listening experience

·      Creating and implementing a musical program utilizing your favorite classical music to improve your health and quality of life


This fascinating journey has been designed to offer you several aspects that will add value and enrichment to your life. A wonderful opportunity awaits you as you  join and connect with like-minded individuals who have similar interests.

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