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Malbec & Tango in


an Extra-Ordinary Event

with Dr Joe Dispenza

2019 dates and details have not been set

We’ll announce them as soon as  they are confirmed






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Schedule and Excursions

What to do while in  Buenos Aires

You will be in Buenos Aires for 3 days/nights, 



Dr. Joe will be with us in Buenos Aires. Even though there aren’t any “formal” presentations scheduled, he will be sharing his insights and wisdom as we explore this vibrant city.

February  – Most people will be arriving in the morning. You will be picked up at the airport and taken to the Hilton hotel where you may leave your luggage  and then check in at 2 pm.  Meanwhile, you will have an opportunity to have lunch on your own, explore the area and begin to become acquainted with this beautiful part of the city. We will have our first gathering at 6 pm and then you’ll have several choices of where to go to dinner on your own.


February  – After breakfast today, you have an opportunity to use the services of the Hop On – Hop Off 24 hour City Tour Bus: What a great way to explore a city, especially one that you don’t know very well. With these buses you have 24 hours to explore as many or as few destinations as you wish. The full circuit will take you to 36 destinations that include: Monuments, Museums, River Destinations, Art Galleries, Piazzas,  Theaters, Planetarium, Parks, Sporting Facilities, City Forest, and Various City Districts. You may choose to stay on the bus for the entire time and enjoy the sites from the comfort of your bus seat, or you may choose to explore destinations more thoroughly and then re-board the bus circuit. The map below shows the three main routes that are available. Each seat has an audio port where you can listen to the description of the various places and you may listen to the presentation in 10 different languages. Head sets are included and we recommend that you bring your own and use them…hard to say how many others before you used the same head set. The tickets for the Hop On-Hop Off bus are included.




At 6 pm, we will gather at the hotel and then go to the famous “La Ventana Barrio de Tango” located in the heart of San Telmo where you will have the opportunity to take Tango Lessons. This historic, fully restored barn is a classic neighborhood of Buenos Aires culture throughout the ages. 
Once we complete the lessons, we will go to their dining area to have our dinner. 
 The menu provides international and typical dishes of the country, with the traditional charcoal grill and a wide wine cellar of wines from Argentina.

After dinner, we’ll be entertained with a traditional Tango show. We chose to experience this particular presentation at this club because it maintains the most original and authentic show in the city. The interiors of the club which preserve the purest originality of the building, are the ideal setting for a unique program with 32 artists on stage: two Tango orchestras, a set of folk music, dancers and singers. The Tango lessons, dinner and show are all included.

February  – After breakfast, which is included, you have some time to explore on your own before we take you to the
Evita Perón Museum and a delightful lunch in the museum’s garden…Argentina’s iconic first lady and wife of President Juan Domingo Perón has this fine museum devoted to her. Housed in a gorgeous 1923 mansion that from 1948 belonged to Eva Perón’s social foundation, Museo Evita celebrates the Argentine heroine with videos, historical photos, books and posters. However, the prize memorabilia has to be her wardrobe: dresses, shoes, handbags, hats and blouses are all on display. Look for the picture of her kicking a soccer ball – in heels.

As time permits, we may go to an afternoon tango lesson, depending on the timing and energy of the group.

Optional Activities in Buenos Aires: If you wish to explore other possibilities on your own, there are lots of choices including: Tour of the National Theater, La Recoleta Cemetery (includes graves of notable people including Evita Peron, various presidents and others), tour of the Casa Rosada (presidential Palace), take a cruise on the Rio de la Plata, visit several museums, and lots more. On one of the open evenings, we’ll
recommend a Tango Dance club you can go to so you can show off the new steps you have learned.

“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.”

Erol Ozan

“If spirit is the seed, dance is the water of its evolution.”
Shah Asad Rizvi

What to do in  Mendoza

On the morning of February 28, we will leave the hotel in Buenos Aires at around 5 am and we  will take you to the airport in Buenos Aires for your 1 1/2 hour flight which leaves around 7:30 a.m. to Mendoza…the flight is included. We know this is an early departure and this allows an opportunity for you to be spending more time at  a gorgeous boutique resort where you will stay for 4 days and 4 nights, from February 28 through March 3rd.  On the morning of March 4th, we will have our closing ceremony from 9 am – 11 am and  we will then take you  to the Mendoza airport at noon for your flight home which you will have arranged.


Entre Cielos hotel vineyard

When we arrive at the resort we will give you a specific schedule of what we will be doing when. The following are included while in Mendoza:


Sessions by Dr Joe – Most of you know that Dr Joe and his team have experimented and researched the various benefits of red wine. The results of the research has been astounding. He will present their findings and go way beyond the data to bring forth the mystical and spiritual aspects of this ancient elixer.

We will have three Wine Tasting events while in Mendoza and visit a cantina. Our first wine tasting  will be at Entre Cielos along with a dinner that that will be all inclusive.

The second wine tasting event will be:  Bodega Nieto Senetiner vineyard. The history of Bodegas Nieto Senetiner dates back to 1888, when Italian immigrants founded the winery and planted the first vineyards in Vistalba, Lujan de Cuyo,
Mendoza. The company was managed by different families during the first decades of the past century. These families gave the winery an architectural style of the Italian countryside that still remains today.

Nieto Senetiner is one of the oldest wineries in Mendoza’s esteemed Lujan de Cuyo, with estate vineyards in the districts of Vistalba & Agrelo, located at 3,000 – 3,500’ elevation. These areas are some of the oldest and most traditional winemaking regions of Mendoza and were the birthplace of the Malbec quality revolution. Nieto Senetiner’s wines, including its signature Nieto Malbec, are expressed via the tradition and vision of its three unique estate vineyard sites, each with distinct characteristics. The soft, supple texture of Vistalba, which is over 100 years old and one of the great heritage vineyards in Argentina, the power and elegance of Agrelo, featuring a unique cool climate Bonarda plantation and the unique concentration and structure of extreme high altitude Alto Agrelo.

In addition to showcasing the particular characteristics of each terroir, Nieto also engages in a creative blending process to to showcase the complexity to which Malbec can aspire.

Bodegas Nieto Senetiner Winery

The third wine tasting event will be at El Enemigo Cellars where we will include lunch and a wine tasting experience. El Enemigo translates as “the enemy”. Nodding to the fact that at the end of any journey, most remember only one battle — the one fought within (the original enemy). This is the battle that defines us. The wines of El Enemigo are a tribute to those internal battles that make us who we are, brought to fruition by a winemaker, Alejandro Vigil, and a historian, Adrianna Catena who share a love of wine and reach back in time to capture the era when European immigrants first settled in Argentina. These settlers sought to make wines as fine, and finer, than those of their old homeland. By 1936, Malbec and Petit Verdot were the most widely planted fine varietals in Argentina, their blend considered the ultimate in refinement and aging potential.

Winemaking Philosophy

El Enemigo is produced at Piedemonte al Sur, located in southern foothills of Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza. The facility is named for the unique aspect of Mendoza’s high-altitude winemaking region nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Alejandro Vigil is a soil expert, a winemaker and an animal lover. He is the Chief Winemaker at Bodega Catena Zapata and the former head of the soil division at Argentina’s Wine Institute. Among his many pets, he keeps a cow to produce milk for donation to the local school children.

Adrianna Catena is the daughter of Nicolás Catena. She is a graduate student in Early Modern Spanish history at the University of Oxford, UK. Her dream is to continue the family legacy of winemaking, while pursuing a passion for history and writing from a cottage surrounded by vineyards in the Argentine Andes.

Mendoza Wine Extravaganza  –
We are still waiting to know if this event is available. If so,  Friday evening you may choose to go the center of Mendoza at the Park Hyatt Hotel where several wineries are featuring their best wines. Malbec is not only the flagship varietal of Argentina that pairs perfectly with an asado, but it is also a significant artistic and cultural expression of Argentina. Malbec is the thread that ties together Argentine food, art, music and dance.

To celebrate the excellence of Argentine Malbec, several wineries come together to offer samples of their unique wines along with tapas and music.

 Optional Activities on your own in Mendoza: Dancing at Tango Clubs, Variety of offerings at the Spa at Entre Cielos, Variety of sites to visit in Mendoza City. You may also take lots of time at the resort to relax and enjoy the splendor of the surroundings as you sip on delicious Malbec wine.



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