Information to Transformation with Dr. Joe Dispenza COSTA RICA – Schedule






December 6-12, 2020 or December 12-18, 2020




There are two separate weeks in which this retreat is being offered. The schedule below outlines the various activities and offerings that are included on this retreat. The sequence of these events will be created to support the flow and delivery of the offerings.


Many of you will arrive at Santarena on the first day of the retreat you chose. You’ll have a chance to settle in, swim in the pool, play in the ocean and soak up the beauty of your environment before you indulge in a delectable dinner. After dinner, we’ll have a general introduction to the retreat and an opportunity for participants to begin to get acquainted with each other.

Each morning you may choose to join a Meditation and Yoga session and/or you may take an early morning walk on the beach before having a delicious breakfast. The sun-rises in this area are vibrant and as the ocean and land critters awaken you can feel the energy of life all around you.

Below, you will see the general schedule for the entire week. You will have lots of time to learn amazing and practical information from Dr. Joe that you can use to empower and enrich your life as well as ample time for exciting adventures, playful activities, sharing time with others and time to relax and absorb the beauty of this splendid tropical paradise.   

From Dr. Joe“When we are together we will brush up on a few concepts and practices so that everyone is at the same level of mind. That is, I will get to ‘re-mind’ you of a few things that you might have forgotten. Once everyone is thinking the same way, I want to begin to introduce some new concepts to the group, which I teach at our advanced events.

We will discuss your suggestibility to your own thoughts. I will teach the Blessing of the Energy Centers with additional new information to advance and sharpen your spiritual practice. I also want to specifically activate the pineal gland, which was taught this year at an Advanced Follow-Up and it was quite powerful. Finally, if the group is ready we will work on healing practices. It should be really fun.”

I hope to see you there…Dr. Joe

This schedule is flexible and may change. Each evening the specific schedule for the following day will be written on a white board. This allows us to focus on what the group needs and supports the growth of individuals. The following are the general offerings for this retreat:

  • Sessions by Dr. Joe. He will be with us for 3 days for each of the weeks
  • Daily Yoga/meditation sessions
  • A voluntary Service Project…we’ll let you know more about this when you arrive
  • A Costa Rican Adventure. You will have a choice, at your own cost, to experience a variety of activities including: a horseback ride, zip lines, rafting, boating in the mangroves, kayaking, paddle-boarding, mud-baths and more. You will be given all the details when you arrive so you can make your selection
  • Evening sessions
  • You may choose a massage or energy  work, at your own cost, from one of the experienced body workers
  • A Mandala ceremony on the beach
  • Closing session
  • Individual time will be provided so that you can enjoy the beach, play in the waves, relax by the pool and enjoy each other’s company


                      “Change requires coherence – align your thoughts and feelings”…Dr. Joe Dispenza    

“And can you teach your body emotionally what it would feel like to believe in this way . . . to be empowered . . . to be moved by your own greatness . . . to be invincible . . . to have courage . . . to be in love with life . . . to feel unlimited . . . to live as if your prayers are already answered?”
Joe Dispenza

“Warning: when feelings become the means of thinking, or if we cannot think greater than how we feel, we can never change. To change is to think greater than how we feel. To change is to act greater than the familiar feelings of the memorized self.”   Dr.Joe Dispenza

“What beliefs and perceptions about you and your life have you been unconsciously agreeing to that you’d have to change in order to create this new state of being?”   Dr. Joe Dispenza




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