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Hosts and Guides…Franco Marini & Kay LatchmanSingh 

Franco was born and raised in Italy and in his heart still considers it his home. He loves sharing his insights and love of this beautiful country.

Kay lived and worked in Florence and has wonderful memories of her experience there. She knows the area very well and has valuable connections throughout this region.

Our vision is to provide insights and opportunities for you while you are exploring Italy and to offer experiences that encourage celebration of other cultures. There are so many wonderful things we can all learn from each other as we visit people and places around the world. We provide safe and quality travel that allows you to be in another country not simply as a tourist but more as a compassionate individual interested in connecting with others in the world.

Some heartfelt words from people who attended  one of our retreats in Italy

I have wanted to go to Italy for years (well, for decades), so just the excitement of finally being able to go was enough for me.  But I can’t imagine having picked a better tour/workshop for my first visit to Italy.  Just seeing and experiencing all the sumptuous and beautiful offerings of Italy — the gorgeous Tuscan landscape; magical , fantastical Venice; colorful and dramatic Cinque Terre; all the magnificent, truly almost beyond imagination, cathedrals (duomos) that we saw in Sienna, San Gimignano, Volterra, Florence, Pisa, Assisi, as well as the fascinating old towns and cities; the miraculous Medieval and Rennaissance paintings in the museums; and, of course, the delicious food, especially the pastas but, mostly, my glorious nemesis, the gelato! — what a feast it all was!   I loved every place that we visited, each fascinating and beautiful in its own way.  I think the planning for the places to see was perfect.  And then there was the special treat of experiencing and sharing all this with fellow admirers of Italy in general.  I only wish we had had more time to spend in each town/city that we visited.  I feel I barely scratched the surface, it was all so rich.  Or in other words, the best way to improve this trip is to make it 2 months instead of 2 weeks (for the same price, of course!).

As for Franco and Kay — I would love to go on all my future trips with them as leader and guide.  They were very hard working for us, very well organized, flexible, accommodating, amiable, always concerned for the well-being and satisfaction of the people in the group; very caring and friendly. I think this is the most harmonious and amiable group of people I have ever travelled with, and although I give due credit to all my fellow travellers for this, I also think that the loving care, patience, good-nature and equanimity of  Franco, Kay, set a wonderful tone for the whole group.  And the three meals that Kay cooked for us were of the highest quality and interest — major treats of the trip.  And thanks to Franco for being there every morning in Tuscany feeding us a delicious and nourishing breakfast.  Also, Franco and Kay have very extensive knowledge of Italy which they willingly shared with us, and which also made it possible for them to organize the trip so well and choose such wonderful places for us to visit.

I was very satisfied with the accommodations in all the places we stayed, but of course the villa in Tuscany was the most special.   I would strongly recommend a trip such as this one to everyone.

I feel fully satisfied with this trip.  I don’t see how it could have been better.
Carol Levy

My trip (our trip) to Europe, for our very first time, was life changing.  I’ve studied Art History a bit… I’ve taken painting plein air workshops for many yrs.., and I’ve travelled to a few tropical spots like Hawaii and Mexico…but nothing yet compares to what we experienced in Italy, …  It  Was all  UnReaL!!

From the grand Architecture, to the Historical Art, to its people, culture and food… I was in AWE!  The landscape was a huge plein air painters PARADISE.   I knew that I’d seen  & read many things regarding Northern Italy, and I’d seen plenty of movies, and pictures…but nothing compares to being there…living there for a minute and experiencing the true Italian heritage.   From morning Yoga and meditation to afternoon painting and scetching in San Gimignano, Siena and Cinque Terre… our trip was a non-stop “artistic overload” of unbelievable sites, landscapes and marble architectures of history.

The itinerary, dates and times were well planned, thought out and executed nicely.  Our accommodations were nice and none of us wanted for much of anything ….food and drink were abundant. Cinque Terre, Pisa, San G., Florence, Voltaire, Siena, and the whole feeling of Tuscany and Chianti Regions… all so very special and implanted in my Imagination forever!!. The 5 star homemade, breakfasts and dinners were  very healthy and delicious and appreciated to a real “chef” like I’d like to think I am.

I cherished each moment we were talking during our unreal dinners, laughing during our day trips in our Mercedes Vans or loving what was yet to be seen that day while discussing that days events during our morning breakfasts together.    I will admit that this was an exceptional group of interesting people,  being full of personality, artistic talent and overall “good sports”.

I could go on and on… Interesting and unique couple who I am please to call my friends, Kay and Franco Marini… Arriverderci… Buon Note and Ciao… all in one…   Hugs to you all.


Therese and Trudy

I want to take a moment to thank you again for a wonderful, wonderful time. I felt each place, the people, it was all an amazing feast. Even though I have been to most of these places long ago it felt like I was seeing them for the first time.

I have been continuing to hold onto the joy I felt at seeing the amazing creations in each town and the scenery. It was a treat to see you both do what you do so well. You are masters at creating group cohesion and serving as best one can the needs of a diverse group. You really got it all.