Past Events




These are a few of the more recent retreats

Global Journeys has offered.


Information to Transformation…A retreat in Costa Rica with Dr Joe Dispenza


Transformational AuthorWriting Retreat in Costa Rica with Christine Kloser


Re-Invent Yourself Under the Tuscan Sun… in Tuscany with Sandra Anne Taylor


Art of Creating and Transformation in Tuscany with John and Dr. Joe Dispenza


The Intention Master Class with Lynne McTaggart in Costa Rica


Explore the Health Benefits and Mysteries of Red Wine in Tuscany with Dr. Joe Dispenza


Awaken to Your Power, a retreat in Tuscany with Sandra Anne Taylor


A Call for Heroes, a Retreat in southern France with Christian de la Huerta


Transcending Limitations…A Yoga retreat in Costa Rica with Joseph Encinia


Celebrating Aliveness…A Yoga and Paddle Board Retreat in Costa Rica


Exploring the Wonders of Nature with in Costa Rica with Terri O’Hara


Wired for Love,  a Retreat with Stan Tatkin un Costa Rica


Deepening Our Relationships with Eden Koljord in Costa Rica


The Joy of Creating from Infinite Possibilities with Susan Taylor Shear



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