I can say, with complete honesty, that this retreat in Costa Rica is one of the best things I have ever done. And I have participated in some extra uber spectacular experiences. I have come away a different human being, and thoughts, conversations, words and images from this experience continue to roll over me in waves as I walk through my Life. I have been so utterly moved by the experiences of daily yoga and meditation, that I have committed to making both of those things part of my daily practice. Interestingly enough, when we got home to our small, rural town in North Carolina, a new yoga studio had opened up that had escaped my awareness prior. I have since joined on an unlimited pass, and have only missed one day since being home. Doug and I continue to prioritize meditation in our day as well, utilizing some of the great audios that I purchased from Dr. Joe’s selections, and I continue to be able to sink deeper and deeper into the great void, and deeper understanding of myself and how it all works.

Truly life changing. I have already been witness to some enormous changes in myself and how I perceive what have heretofore been challenging situations in my work and with my associates. My refractory periods of heightened emotions are dramatically shortened, and sometimes not even existent! I am beginning to look at myself in the mirror now and the person I see looking back at me is someone I haven’t seen in years! It’s great to make her re-acquaintance!