There simply isn’t another Costa Rica trip in the current market of eco-adventure trips for the active traveler that matches Franco Marini’s Costa Rica Trip package. Franco has put together a package that enables the traveler to enjoy and explore the country on a very intimate level.

Some the opportunities are truly unique to this trip and quite simply won’t be found anywhere else! This is a trip that will inspire your teen in ways they may not even realize now. It may be seeing and touching a tree that’s over a thousand years old will inspire a future botanist, a future filmmaker, or a future writer. It could be learning about the marine life and wildlife first hand in this part of the world, or visiting the different forests and developing a sense of value for this diverse ecosystem, or overcoming their fears and emotions in some very personal way that will impact your teen, and plant some seed of inspiration. They may simply fall in love with this beautiful country and wish to come back again some day. This is truly a world-class trip at a school-trip cost!