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Pure Human: Breakthrough!


June 26 – July 1, 2022

Grand Hyatt – Vail, Colorado


Sunday – For participants who have registered for the entire program and accommodations package at the Grand Hyatt…check in. Meet and greet with Gregg Braden in the evening.

Monday – Optional Yoga/Meditation, Breakfast for hotel registrants, Gregg’s morning session,  Gregg’s afternoon session, Optional session with Lisa Marini – The Power of Your Brain

Tuesday – Optional Yoga/Meditation, Breakfast for hotel registrants, Gregg’s morning session, afternoon session/workshop with Dr. Darren Weissman followed by a Q&A with Gregg and Darren. Concert with Jenny Bird follows and concludes the day.

Wednesday – Optional Yoga/Meditation, Breakfast for hotel registrants, Gregg’s morning session, Gregg’s afternoon session, Evening Movie

Thursday – Optional Yoga/Meditation, Breakfast for hotel registrants, Gregg’s morning session,  Gregg’s afternoon session, Closing Ceremony


Friday – Check out by 10 am for hotel registrants


Workshop session with Dr. Darren Weissman

Every human being is born to be remarkable. Having a Pure Human Breakthrough is both a remembering of your most authentic self and an evolutionary journey to awakening your spirit. Within you – right now – is a light brighter than the sun and a power driven by pure love. This light and power holds the potential to activate the self-healing properties of your body and evolve even your most stressful relationships and life circumstances.

Yet, every human being is shaped by the programmed subconscious mind. The invisible intelligence of the subconscious mind orchestrates every cell of the body as well as stores all of our individual and collective memories. Harnessing the power of your subconscious mind is the key for spiritual transformation and a Pure Human Breakthrough.

World peace is created through inner peace.

It’s time for a Pure Human Breakthrough. Get ready to travel at the speed of love and experience deep subconscious change. You will be guided through a 90 minute, 16 step by step group LifeLine Technique session for reprogramming your subconscious mind. Dr. Darren Weissman, the developer of The LifeLine Technique ® will hold space for and with you to evolve your mind so you can change your life.


The LifeLine Technique can be likened to yoga for your mind. As a result of The LifeLine Technique session you will experience:

  • Flexibility, strength, and balance of your mind, body, and spirit through a simple sequence for creating Present Time Consciousness
  • A 4 step process so you can heal your heart and become the courageous leader of your life
  • Processing loss and trauma into growth and resilience
  • Epigenetic reprograming for core limiting beliefs and generational imprints so you can perceive and receive with self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-gratitude
  • The ability to let go of looping subconscious emotional patterns to unleash the fullest potential for your body to heal and relationships to thrive
  • A Pure Human Breakthrough of evolved neural pathways and brain chemistry through The Black Hole® process for harmonizing neuropeptides
  • A deep soul connection with each of the participants you share the group LifeLine session

Concert with Jenny Bird

Included as part of this program is a fantastic concert that will be performed on Monday evening

Jenny Bird has been called “the most passionate performer in the new folk genre.” The stage is her second home where she’s been presenting her original songs since the age of ten. Professionally managed as a teenager, Jenny lived and recorded in Germany and Belgium. For the last 20 years, she’s toured widely and consistently, playing festivals and clubs across Europe, Canada, and the United States. She is well respected in her home town of Taos, New Mexico where she records and teaches music.

Evening Session with Lisa Marini

Connect with the Power of Your Brain…Navigating Stress and Uncertainty


What is Stress? We all have it, and we know we don’t like it, but do you really know the affect it is having on your brain and body? How does it affect your relationships, career, family and your mood? In this discussion you will learn the basics of how neuroplasticity can transform your life, help you through stress, find new energy and a sense of peace, and become the best you possible. You will learn how to identify different brain states that hijack your ability to move forward, and gain powerful tools to reverse that process. You’ll learn some simple daily exercises to take this transformational practice into your everyday life.

Understanding the Brain’s Response to Uncertainty:

Did you know that the brain cannot tell the difference between an actual threat like the house being on fire, vs worries about the future? In both situations, the brain activates a fight and flight response – and sends us into irrational or “doom and gloom” thinking. You can see how this is absolutely the opposite of what you need to have happen when you are trying to be strategic about the next steps. You need to be cool, calm and logical – not reactive and temperamental. Thanks brain, but no thanks! So how can you manage this reaction better? Lisa will give simple real-life tools for you to use to help down regulate this response and get you back into the higher thinking states so you can make well informed decisions, rather than fear-based ones.


During your free time, or if you choose to arrive earlier or stay after the event with Gregg, there are several summer activities available to you, including the Grand Hyatt Spa. Here are just a few of the adventures available to you.

Grand Hyatt Spa

Resplendent mountains, crowned with either sun. The ebbing and flowing of a lively creek. Breaths of crisp, alpine air. Open your senses to the splendor of nature at The Spa at Grand Hyatt. At an elevation of 8,150 feet, this is a place where the healing powers of nature coalesce to create relaxing and customized experiences, drawing on the surrounding landscape for inspiration. Set upon Gore Creek and Vail Mountain, this transcendent respite is complemented by state-of-the-art treatments and native ingredients that pay homage to the European Alps, creating an experience you won’t soon forget. For details, click on: SPA

The Spa at Grand Hyatt Vail, follows in the footsteps of traditional alpine spas, achieving balance by embracing both the natural splendor and healing powers of our surrounding environment. Our spa therapists are artisans of rejuvenation, allowing you to fully unwind. This Vail spa in Colorado fully invites guests to relax and unwind after a day of mountain adventures. Think steaming jetted tub to relax,  Swedish massages after a fly-fishing outing. Mountain mud baths and body scrubs infused with the same botanicals found near our storied hiking and mountain-biking trails.



Guided Fly Fishing with Vail Valley Anglers

 12.8 MI / 20.54 KM AWAY

For those seeking solitude and scenery. Both half day and full day trips offer the chance to explore Colorado’s world-class rivers, whether you prefer to take a float trip or to put on some waders and experience some of the best fly fishing on foot

Horseback Riding with Vail Stables

 2.5 MI / 3.98 KM AWAY

Our gentle horses, friendly, experienced guides, and awe-inspiring trails await your arrival. Try Goat Yoga or Goats & Wine! We have the Happiest Hour in Town when the goats mingle with our bar patrons. Located one easy mile NE of Vail Village

Guided or Unguided bike pass tour with Venture Sports

 0.1 MI / 0.16 KM AWAY

Venture Sports has a bike tour for everyone, whether you want a classic road ride or single track mountain bike, guided or unguided we make it happen.


Gore Creek Trail

Enjoy  gorgeous scenery as you follow the Gore Creek trail as it meanders through stunning vistas and charming mountain views. From the Grand Hyatt, it is about 1 mile to get to Lionshead Village and just a bit further to arrive at Vail Village. The trail is well maintained and is a fairly easy walk. The bubbling creek affords a welcoming sound as you breathe in the beauty all around you.

Arriving at Lionshead and Vail,  you can let the majesty of the mountains surround you and feel the crisp fresh air in your lungs. As you stroll on cobblestone streets, you realize something: this is like nothing on earth.

You can feel at one with the beautiful nature surrounding you and in tune out the world in our quaint villages. Whether a cozy evening indoors or a gourmet meal out in town, the Vail and Lionshead have something for everyone.