Student Travel Testimonials… Italy

I’ve worked with many talented facilitators in my 16 years as an educator, but I’ve never come across such an authentically caring and centered one as Franco.

I’ve also had the privilege of watching Franco work with young people, on several occasions.  Young people are naturally drawn to his warmth and charisma, and recognize his wisdom.  He never misses an opportunity to instruct and inspire, and as a result,  the young people in his presence reach goals they previously thought unattainable.  His calm presence reassures nervous students, while his sense of adventure energizes even the most daring participant.

 As with adults, he focuses on safety and learning, making sure that every participant is willing and ready to participate in the challenge.  He also truly emphasizes team-work, supporting the students to work together in order to achieve both individual and group goals.  Most impressive is the level of respect and honesty with which Franco interacts with students.  Even the youngest participant’s questions and concerns are treated as serious matters, and Franco speaks and interacts with young people as equals.  This encourages confidence and autonomy on the part of the students.

​Franco Marini is a highly-gifted facilitator and guide with tremendous experience empowering individuals.

Diana Solis, Littleton High School    back to student travel