Student Travel Testimonials… Ghana

We have taken three trips with Franco and Kay.  All three have been wonderful experiences for everyone involved and we are excited to be in the planning stage for two more trips.  Every part of their planning and attention to detail has made each of the trips most enjoyable for me as the teacher. I have been pleased to see that the response from participants has been very positive.  Many people have mentioned that they are impressed with the value of the trip.  Franco and Kay’s careful planning and wealth of contacts enabled us to enjoy a wealth of experiences for a very reasonable cost.

Because Franco and Kay are very knowledgeable about the places we traveled, and because they took the time to learn what I wanted to be able to do as a teacher, they were able to create trips that were well planned and very appropriate for our unique groups.  It was also evident that they were very aware of the group and individual needs during the trip, which enabled us to take advantage of where we were and the opportunities we encountered.

Because many people visiting a place for the first time, don’t want to miss anything, it can become a juggling act to plan a trip rich with opportunity and at the same time paced with time to enjoy each new place fully.  However, Franco & Kay did a wonderful job of planning so the participants had some choices about how they spent their time.

Each of our trips has worked very well for both painters and non-painters.  Somehow everyone has finished the experience feeling like, rather than tour directors, Franco and Kay are very good friends.  I believe in each case we came home excited, empowered and anxious for more…of course, after a good nap.  We are definitely excited about planning our next trips with them.

Very sincerely, Robbie Laird    back to student travel