Student Travel Testimonials… France

As for Franco and Kay — I would love to go on all my future trips with them as leader and guide.  They were very hard working for us, very well organized, flexible, accommodating, amiable, always concerned for the well-being and satisfaction of the people in the group; very caring and friendly. I think this is the most harmonious and amiable group of people I have ever travelled with, and although I give due credit to all my fellow travellers for this, I also think that the loving care, patience, good-nature and equanimity of  Franco and Kay set a wonderful tone for the whole group.

And the three meals that Kay cooked for us were of the highest quality and interest — major treats of the trip.  And thanks to Franco for being there every morning feeding us a delicious and nourishing breakfast.  Also, Franco and Kay have very extensive knowledge of travel which they willingly shared with us, and which also made it possible for them to organize the trip so well and choose such wonderful places for us to visit…Carol Levy  back to student travel