Student Travel Testimonials… Costa Rica

My son went on the Costa Rica trip last summer with Franco.  He is my third child at CA to travel internationally with the school.  This was by far the most organized, and detailed trip any of my children have been on.  As parents we met numerous times prior to the trip (so did the kids), we were given regular updates on any schedule changes and the communication between Franco’s company and the parents was superb!!!  We had very detailed itinerary’s before they left. Upon arrival at the airport, each child had a yellow Costa Rica Journey t-shirt they were asked to wear for identification purposes, they provided individual yellow travel tags for luggage and to top it off, they provided each child with a zip loc bag of snacks and water for the airplane ride.  But the best was yet to come….Franco and his staff, emailed parents from Costa Rica at least every other day to update us on their experiences, destinations and general mood and health of the kids. This was by far the most organized and well informed group my children have ever traveled with, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to send my kids with  Franco and his staff again!  My child had an outstanding adventure and fun experience with them, he felt totally safe and well supervised at all times.  In addition, this fall we met for a short video reunion where Franco gave each student a CD of photos from the trip.  I wonder if Global Journey’s escorts adult trips?  I would sign up immediately. They had a great time!!!  Your child will too!! …Kim Caldwell​              back to student travel

I’m happy to share my thoughts about our Colorado Academy Costa Rica Trip: There simply isn’t another Costa Rica trip in the current market of eco-adventure trips for the active traveler that matches Franco Marini’s Costa Rica Trip package. Franco has put together a package that enables the traveler to enjoy and explore the country on a very intimate level.  Hoteliers and restaurateurs are often family businesses that offer the traveler first class accommodations and meals with a greater sense of the culture and people that make up this country.  The itinerary is well suited for active, physically fit teens filled with opportunities for personal challenge, growth, and building friendships in the activities as well as just the right amount of “down time.”  Some the opportunities are truly unique to this trip and quite simply won’t be found anywhere else!  This is a trip that will inspire your teen in ways they may not even realize now.  It may be seeing and touching a tree that’s over a thousand years old will inspire a future botanist, a future filmmaker, or a future writer.   It could be learning about the marine life and wildlife first hand in this part of the world, or visiting the different forests and developing a sense of value for this diverse ecosystem, or overcoming their fears and emotions in some very personal way that will impact your teen, and plant some seed of inspiration.  They may simply fall in love with this beautiful country and wish to come back again some day.  This is truly a world-class trip at a school-trip cost!

Brenda Norgren, ( CA parent who went on the trip as a sponsor )      back to student travel                                                                                                                           

Thanks so for sheparding this trip.  Mara told me herself last night that she really learned a lot about the Costa Rican culture.  Traveling is so wonderful – she learned a lot, has a lot of insights, and more perspective.  She appreciates what she has too.    She was proud of her group, that they behaved and didn’t get into trouble, and she said that truthfully everyone behaved.  She really wants to take a trip sometime that is longer and practice her Spanish more, she sees how what she learns in school can really be used to communicate in the world.  She seems more mature. Thank you again. ……… Debbie MacKillop    back to student travel

Franco, I approached my 13-year-old son’s request to go with your group to Costa Rica, with caution and concern.  I attended all of the meetings and discussed health and transportation issues with you several times.  Chris’ father was even more concerned, because he had contracted malaria, and other illnesses, when he had been in the jungles of Thailand, when he was an officer with Special Forces decades ago.  We decided that Chris could go, but we were very worried.

Chris had the time of his life.  I must admit that he enjoyed your trip more than he has enjoyed traveling with his parents.  I think that is because it was so well planned and because there were so many adults supervising.  When Chris and I have traveled together, I always dread that afternoon time when I only want to go back to the hotel and take a nap, but his energy level is such that he wants to do something.  I also dread the mornings when I want to get moving early and he wants to sleep in because of the time change. Remarkably, Chris got up early, had full days and was bubbling over with news and insights when he returned.  Your daily emails were a source of comfort and information.  I felt as though I knew what was going on almost every day. Your mix of the physical exertion and the focus on culture and the physical world was a rare blend.  I think adults plan their vacations to do one or the other.  You included both. Chris returned with a sense of self-confidence and knowledge that I do not think I could have given him if he and I had traveled to Costa Rica on our own.  It is because of that experience that I have immediately signed him up to take the trip to Brazil.  I think it is a wonderful choice in terms of safety and exposure to an interesting culture. I would be happy to speak to any parent …Frances Koncilja   back to student travel