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Student Travel Programs that Provide the Foundation 

of Extraordinary Life Adventures

In our ongoing quest to provide opportunities for young adults to gain global knowledge and experiences,  and expand their capabilities and belief in themselves, we offer several affordable travel programs. These are not packaged educational trips. They are flexible models that together with students, teachers and parents will be developed into  life altering experiences.

If you wish to travel to other locations other than the ones listed below,  please call us and we’ll design a journey specifically for your group. # 516 343-3210

Costa Rica

 …warm playful waves, lush rain-forest, majestic volcanoes, friendly people, and lots more.

Join us on a student trip to Costa Rica that combines learningopportunities with adventures in this magnificent country. Our programs to Costa Rica emphasize learning by doing, having fun, getting off the beaten path, making new friends, and providing opportunities for students to learn about themselves as they explore this fantastic country. “My son went on the Costa Rica trip last summer with Franco… more


Exploring Italy is such a rewarding experience for any “travel for education” endeavor. Where to begin such a magical educational travel experience is easy, because anywhere you go in Italy, you will find it a rich and rewarding experience. The best place to start is to explore your dreams and desires of where your students would like to travel in Italy for your own unique educational travel program.

The president of Global Journeys was born in northern Italy and is available to help you create a unique travel opportunity. The possibilities you choose will usually include indulging in culinary delights and immersing in the abundance of Italy’s rich cultural heritage…take a step back in time while walking the streets of Rome, re-live the atmosphere of the mighty Coliseum, behold the statue of David or the gothic Duomo in Florence, hike the trails of the Cinque Terre that will astound you with the beauty of their cliff villages, cruise the canals of Venice in a gondola, or ascend the leaning tower of Pisa.  Fill yourself to the brim with art and history and then soak up the sun on the Amalfi coast or head to Italian Alps during the ski season. Then, sprinkle the magic that we are really good at… exploring places places that are not often visited by tourists that define the style that is Italy…investigate Trieste and its magnificent harbor and cross over into Slovenia and Croatia for a very unique visit, stay in Capriva del Friuli, a small dot on the map that is entrancing, and…let’s make up the rest together for a truly enriching experience.     The young people in his presence reach goals they previously thought unattainable. more…


When you travel with us on an India student travel program you will be captured by this country’s incredible cultural richness. Modern India is home both to the tribal people with their anachronistic lifestyle and to the sophisticated urban jetsetter. It is a land where temple elephants exist amicably with the microchip. Its ancient monuments are the backdrop for the world’s largest democracy where atomic energy is generated and industrial development has brought the country within the world’s top ten nations. Today, fishermen along the country’s coastline fashion simple fishing boats in a centuries old tradition while, a few miles away motor vehicles glide off conveyor belts in state-of-the-art factories. India can be a challenging country for students to visit. You will be accompanied every step of the way by Kay LatchmanSing, co-owner of Global Journeys. She is of Indian heritage and knows the country well. I have watched students, teachers, and even administrators… more



Where do you start in such a fascinating country? Certainly if your students  have not been here before they may want to see some of the major landmarks….feel the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower, the magnificence of Montmartre, and the Sacré Coeur, the incredible Notre Dame cathedral, the enticing Les Champs Elysées; one of the most famous streets in the world, the stoic Arc de Triomphe, the enthralling Louvre museum, the cafes on the boulevard St. Michel – the essence of Paris and so much more and wait…this is only Paris.

What about the other 25 regions such as Provence, Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and the others? There is a lot to see in France and we can assure you that with your interest and excitement and our experience, we will put together a fantastic educational world travel program. As for Franco and Kay, I would love to go on all my future trips with them as leader and guide more


Much of the richness of visiting Ghana comes from the variety of ethnic groups that reside there… their fashion, music, dance, and languages are intertwined with the natural beauty and splendor of a truly remarkable country!

Some of the experiences available in this amazing country include:   Cape Coast Slave Castles;   Kumasi Royal Palace; Ashanti Museum and Cultural Sites; African Dance; Drumming; Kente Weaving; Cooking Classes; Sculpting; Batik; Wli and Boti Waterfalls; Wildlife Safaris; Local Schools; Fair-Trade Pineapple and Banana Plantations and more. Call us to explore the possibilities for your students to visit this fascinating country. We have taken three trips with Franco and Kay.  All three have been wonderful experiences…more



What sets us apart from other international educational travel companies can be summed up in four statements.

We have lots of personal experience in the educational arena. The president of Global Journeys was a middle school teacher, a school counselor and an administrator. He started an alternative school in Littleton, CO focused on student empowerment and leadership. He will help design the trips and accompany each group to their destination. Most travel companies who offer educational travel know the travel business, but do not have the knowledge of the specific vision and needs of educational institutions. What works well on educational trips is quite different than what sightseeing or tour travel companies offer. Our expertise is in designing and delivering educational travel programs that are meaningful, effective and transferrable to actual life situations.

​Secondly, we don’t have packaged deals or offerings. All of our programs are only designed after consulting with you. Then and only then, we design a quality travel experience that is exactly what you have always wanted for your students.

Thirdly, because we limit our number of international trips to ten per year, we give you lots of personal attention and accompany you on every step of the way.

​And very importantly, our international travel is based on safe and productive interaction between the travelers and the people we visit. Our commitment is to tread lightly as we travel, be in service to others, and return as more experienced global leaders.

To explore the possibilities of creating a student trip to any of these or other destinations, please call

Global Journeys at 516 906-2133 or 516 343-3210, or click on Register

We are committed to creating and offering students an amazing and memorable experience!